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Beauty fighting against Appropriation

Through out centuries black people have been looked down upon for dressing differently, speaking differently, and acting differently.  As we were getting shamed for embracing who we are, parts of our culture was being culturally appropriated.  The music we created, our styles, and our words were all being copied and written as something different. "Imagine... Continue Reading →

Challenge… YOURSELF

Feeling down Queen ?  Feeling like you haven't accomplished enough this week, month, or year ?  Well that's okay ! I'm here to help you break those bad habits and  help you accomplish the goals that you have set out for yourself.   So it's summer 2017, and I have a few bad habits  that... Continue Reading →

Queen Njinga Mbandi

A little history lesson ! On a powerful black Queen ❤ check it out

The Empowerment of Queens

A Queen You Should Know

Njinga Mbandi was known under several names throughout her life and throughout history itself.  Her several names were Nzinga Mbande, Dona Ana de Sousa, Zhinga, Ana de Souza, N’Zhinga, and Jinga (Confederation).  Njinga got her name from her mother’s umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck at birth; “kujinga” in Kimbundu means to twist or turn (Confederation).  Queen Njinga was born in the year of 1583 in Ndongo Kingdom; there is no month or day available of her actual birth.  She was the ruler of the Mbundu and Matamba people of Angola for several years, even until her death in 1663; she was in her eighties and died peacefully (Snethen).

The Mbundu people created the Ndongo Kingdom in which was ruled by King Ngola at the time; the country’s name, Angola, derived from King Ngola (Mbundu).  Mbundu is also known as “Kimbundu.”  According to Britannica…

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Benefits of the Sun

Summer is just around the corner Queen ! so instead of staying in the shade to avoid the hot sun, how about soaking in it? Now we all know that getting plenty of sun gives us vitamin D, but there are many healthy benefits that the sun can provide for us. We know the sun... Continue Reading →

When is the right …. time ?

Lately I've been feeling like a big hypocrite. I'm saying one thing, and turning around doing the next, I've even neglected my blog for a few weeks,  I figured I couldn't tell young women that in order to "Embrace their inner Queen" they have to learn how to love themselves. But on certain days I... Continue Reading →

Trust issues ?…Or Real Love?

Let's face it .... it's not really a scoop of ice cream trying to find love in this generation. We finally believe we found the one ! we get excited when being asked to hang out with that guy we been crushing on for weeks. Just to find out that he has a girlfriend and... Continue Reading →

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